why do we get so excited about meeting celebrities?

Around this time of year Toronto get's a little starstruck. There are certain parts of Toronto you don't commute through on a regular basis to avoid rush hour, but TIFF adds a whole new level of foot traffic. These people blocking the entrance of Holt Renfrew and your local fine dining often tend to be both tourists and locals just hoping to snap a pic of their favourite A or B list star. But just what is it about celebrities that make people act as equivalent to winning the lottery?

You could say I'm missing out on an important part of my youth but I've never experienced the fandom for celebrities - but then again, I've never been to a Backstreet Boys concert as a pre-teen either. Instead I always found myself asking, "would I find this person attractive if they weren't a celebrity?"

I'm not so sure I'd stop to gawk at 55 year old George Clooney if I walked past him in the mall given he weren't famous (cue hoards of protestors to that comment). 

Maybe it's because we feel we have a relationship or attachment with our favourite TV star from seeing them week to week. We've fallen for their character and actor IS said character in the real world to us. We feel we know them but have never met them. Could it be that their success as a person is overwhelming because they've made it in a world of others trying to?

Don't get me wrong, I mean no disrespect. Everybody's got their thing and actor's deserve their credit. They've worked long and hard to reach the point they're at and trust me, these films showcased at TIFF are true works of art. My question can be followed up with just when did celebrities stop being an everyday joe and turn into the Pope himself? What do you think, why do people get so exited about meeting celebrities?

Whatever the reason, I'll stick to the route less traveled when TIFF comes along. For I love a good trip to Holt Renfrew as much as the next girl, but not when I can't even get in the door.