fashion muse: maja wyh

If you're into fashion you're bound to have a style spirit animal. You know, that one icon that just makes the clothes hanging from their bones look so effin' good. Unlike telling you my favourite movie or food off the bat (can't do), I can answer the question "who's your style icon", before you've even finished the sentence. It's Maja Wyh, and I'm probably not the only one lusting for her wardrobe.

She has a unique identity, mixing classic Parisian and German style. She almost always looks so effortless and her clothing never consumes her. Her palettes, yes. The characteristics of what she wears have become her uniform. Not only does she have an eye for style, she's an excellent content curator of art and architecture for her website. 

On the list of calculable clothing she sports: Oversized outerwear, longggggggg tees, shit tons of fur, longggggggg scarves, drop-crotch denim, knits, she's the queen of layers and my personal favourite - she rocks jeans and a tee like a champ. 

By defining the elements about Maja's style that I love the most, I've realized how I relate to her. I admire her style because those pieces are all something you might find in my own closet - it just takes a special eye to put it all together. I mean, don't those all sound like something you might own?

We are attracted to things we identify or relate to. I've written about how to find your personal style before, but this post is more about defining who you like, why you like them, and how to apply what you like to your own personal style. 

By defining the key pieces in your muse's wardrobe you can better focus on and understand what items you want to include in your own. It's not about copying someone else, it's about being inspired by them.

When you fill your closet with the things you love, you'll learn to dress in a way you love!


Illustrations: Shayla Bond / Photographs: Maja Wyh